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SEO services

  • Maximize home speed as much as possible (images, JS, CSS, Gzip, html and optimize browser caching)
  • Professional setup of H-members (with the client + Google keyword research)
  • Correct URL structure (provided it can be resolved)
  • Images of alt-members with professional completion and URL structure consulting
  • Maximizing the home page?s speed as much as possible (images, JS, CSS, Gzip, html and browser caching optimization)
  • Professional setup of H-tags (with the client?s cooperation + Google keyword research)
  • Correction of the URL structure (if it is possible)
  • Professional completion of images? ALT-tags, URL structure consultation
  • Completion of global meta tags (Geo meta, Dublin Core, Schema, Open Graph) and generating Apple favicons
  • Professional completion of Meta Title and Meta Description (by pixel/character numbers)
  • Making the menu structure easier to understand (if possible)
  • Checking linkjuice, deletion/redirection of broken links, review of anchor texts
  • Clarification and simplification based on UX aspects
  • Rephrasing the content (removal of negative/pejorative words, clarification, etc.)
  • AMP and .htaccess calibration
  • Character encoding revision + Hraflang correction
  • Checking of duplication of www / https versions
  • Robots.txt and sitemap.xml revision, Search Console validation/configuration/reindex/review
  • Installation and configuration of security plugins/protection modules
  • Recommendation for various extensions (premium, conversion, revenue-enhancing, etc.)
  • Blog search engine optimization (WordPress) and content marketing suggestions
  • Auditing with professional SEO software, search engine optimization based on technical aspects, scanning and correction of additional errors by in-depth analysis
  • Recommendation of a quality hosting service provider
  • Recommendation and installation of AI/ML chatbot software (on demand)For pricing and carrying out the necessary work I require the following: admin rights, Cpanel, Search Console, FTP access.


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Who is it for? For businesses that already have a webpage, but are not satisfied with the Google organic search results, or want to start from an already optimized, ?Google-friendly? position with their new website.

What?  We focus on meeting technical SEO requirements based on Google?s current guidelines and rules (ranking factors and sensitive scores, approx. 220 ?normal? + 70 ?sensitive? criteria):

Page speed optimization recommendations (images, JS, CSS, HTML, browser caching). Recommendations for H tags, checking URL structures and ALT/Title tags of images. Checking global meta tags and structured datas (Geo-tag, Dublin Core, Schema markups, Open Graph, Apple favicons..). Recommendations for Titles and Meta Descriptions in compliance with pixel/character limits. Checking the menu structure, recommendations for its UX and CRO optimization, checking www / https version duplications. Revision of robots.txt and sitemap.xml. Checking security modules and plugins, and recommendations for premium and ML/AI extensions/plugins for conversion and revenue growth (WordPress only). Recommendations for blog SEO and content marketing strategy and campaigns. Documenting bugs, SEO, SMO, SEM, UX, CRO and typographic flaws presenting these in a clear, practical way, with considerations of prioritizing and applicable solutions.

Why? Based on the recommendations in the document, the developer/webpage builder/SEO expert will be able execute the necessary tasks, and thus a considerable improvement can be reached in terms of Google search results. The SEO-UX guide (PDF) comprises ~20-30 pages plus attachments. This is a one-time project, it does not include further ongoing counselling, maintenance, or fixing tasks. Revisions in every 6 months are recommended because of Google?s ever-changing guidelines and policies, however, a monthly SEO consultation service may even be a better way to stay up to date with Google?s new guidelines, penalty and ranking factors.

Required: Service ordered in writing. Premium: access to GA/UA, Search Console, Hotjar, admin dashboard and other analytics tools may be useful to detect further errors.

Delivery time: 2-5 business days (depending on complexity, see below)

Payment: Via bank transfer, after an e-invoice has been sent (either after of before completion, negotiable)

Delivery: Pre-payment: via WeTransfer, within 4 hours of receipt of funds, or post-payment with an 8-day deadline for funds transfer fulfilment.

Order a technical SEO audi:

The basis of productive search engine optimization = effective keyword research, it depends on the analysis of several aspects:

  • industry-specific keywords, keyword pairs,
  • how much competition there is in the market for these terms,
  • what keywords users are searching for the most,
  • what are the search habits, trends, changes of direction,
  • what is the trend and the trend: the segments.

For example: although many people search for the most popular and one-word keywords, there is much more competition for them, and our website does not always fit perfectly with the search engine’s intentions (80% of searches are primarily informal searches, no purchase intentions!). click on our page. Considering these reasons, sophisticated (but searched) 2-3 word, accented word pairs are often more important and effective (defining keywords is included in the search engine optimization task).

Premium: Defining specific keywords: Only intent-based, business niche market, topic and emotional, or local engagement keyword analysis can be implemented (involving AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence and paid software, manual peer review).

Keyword analysis includes: Up to 50-350 related keywords!

Required: Written order. + 15-25 keywords (1 maximum 2 words) that are completely relevant to your company, product, service (preferably ‘quality’, ‘professional’, etc .; which are general terms and keywords in themselves).

Keyword strategy lead time: 3 business days. Payment: After performing a keyword analysis, with an advance transfer, against an e-invoice. Delivery: Within 4 hours of receipt of materials via wetransfer.com.

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My SEO experience in CMS systems:

wordpress (avada-divi)
woocommerce - wordpress
magento 1-2
cms made simple
virtuemart (joomla)
expression engine
oscommerce CMS

I was a guest presenter/jury member at the following events:

  • Interwine Award 2021. SEO Evaluation of Wine Websites (jury member) / Hungarianwines.eu (Bp., 12.2020-03.2021.)
  • Search engine optimization challenges in 2021: COVID, algorithm updates, trends / Growww Digital (Webinar, 02.12.2020.)
  • Best magento 2 extensions 2019. / Magento Meetup Hungary 2.0 (Bp., 13.06.2019.)
  • Top-6 ecommerce CMS useful artificial intelligence (AI) modules in 2019. / Evolution conference (Bp., 27.02.2019.)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO), conversion optimization (CRO) in 2018. / Business Flowlecture series (Bp., 05-06.2018.)
  • Search engine optimization in 2017. / Online Trends – TrendFM – online radio (Bp., 24.11.2017.)
  • The most important SEO tasks for ecommerce in 2017/ Ecommerce Hungary (Visegrád, 06.2017.)
  • Top-30 SEO suggestions for Ecommerce in 2017. / Ecommerce Expo (Bp., 2017.03.)
  • Fresh-rank, news and SEO (fast ping) in 2015. / Crisis communication Meetup – MatrixPR (Bp., 03.2015.)
  • SEO in practice, SEO trends in 2013. / Online Information Services Marketing Conference (Bp., 11.2013.)
  • Desktop and mobile SEO trends in 2013. / Manager Training Center III. Marketing Conference (Bp., 09.2013.)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in practice in 2012. / Online Information Services Marketing Conference (Pécs, 12.2012.)
  • SEO Advanced Course 2012. / MAMASZ Marketing Academy (Bp., 12.2012.)
  • SEO Basic Training 2012.MAMASZ Marketing Academy (Bp., 01.2012.)
  • New winds are blowing in online marketing: Dental marketing, SEO and UX / Manager Training Center I. Marketing Conference (Bp., 05.2010.)

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Trainings, lectures, courses and conferences I attended:

2021. – 1997. ProTechtor Webinar: E-commerce Business – Loginet Webinar: What are the trends expected in e-commerce in 2021? – Growww Digital webinar: PPC challenges in 2021: Shopping, automation, data protection – MOZ Academy – WordPress meetup – Personal brand + Deepfake – Crisis communication Meetup – Magento Meetup Hungary – WooCommerce Meetup Hungary – Budapest Standard (marketing and design) – Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin training – The Advanced Guide to SEO (by Neil Patel) – Central European Institute – Business Flow – Smartstaff – Ecommerce Expo – WooCommerce Meetup – Brian Dean: SEO That Works Training – Tag Manager Trainings – Electronic Commerce Conference (SZEK) – Google Ground – Business Smart – Crisis Communication Meetup – Practical Facebook Training – HOT Marketing Club – Google Agency Days – Web 2.0 Symposium – BarCamp Budapest – MFor – Management Center – BrandTrend – Meetup – StartUp – BrandFestival – Advertisers Night – Advertising Week – SEO Forum VIP SEO Discussions ( Entity Webmester Forum) – Advertising Festival – Damjanovich – Trenkwalder – Easy Learning – Dipol.

My mostly used SEO software:

SEO PowerSuite
Searchmetrics Essentials
advanced webranking

Software used for agile project administration, transparency, timing and creating Gantt charts:


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My SEO lectures, SEO presentations (in Hungarian):

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